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What in the world is a nose bidet?

my nose bidet by sinucleanse neti potsThe "nose bidet" refers to something called a neti pot.  A neti pot is used to "clean out" the nose and sinuses- thus the comparison to a bidet.

Oprah Winfrey and Doctor Oz were discussing neti pots on her talk show in April 2007. They brought one out and asked the audience if anyone knew what it was. A woman in the audience stated that it was a nose bidet. Most viewers had no idea what this was. Dr. Oz then explained and demonstrated how to clean the sinuses with a neti pot. 


The Nose Bidet was seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

The nose bidet was revisited on a new episode on May 21, 2007. This appearance on Oprah Winfrey has caused the demand for these "nose bidets" to skyrocket- just like everything else that appears on her show. Many people are now searching for nose bidets while everyone else is left scratching their heads asking "What the heck is a nose bidet?"

I Decided to buy my own Neti Pot to help my sinus colds

I have always had nasal and sinus trouble myself. I decided to see if neti pot therapy would help with my sinuses. It looks and feels a little weird. Some people even think it seems gross. But I think it works well. Read more about my neti pot kit : My Nose Bidet

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ceramic nose bidet

Example of a neti pot (nose bidet)

Some people call neti pots a "nose bidet." It is used to flush out the sinuses and was recently featured on the Oprah Show.


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